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Customer Management

Manage all your contacts, proposals, and jobs in a single platform accessible anytime anywhere.

Grow your customer list, keep in touch with clients, and close repeat business.

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Easy & Efficiency Customer Management

Keeping You Ahead of the Game

With our Customer Relationship Manager organizing all your client details, proposals, and jobs in a single, easy-to-access location, you won’t be hunting around for emails anymore or trying to remember what you told a client on your last call.

Insights that close more deals

With Bitumio, all the client and proposal data you need is at your fingertips, enhancing your customer relationships and helping to secure more deals.
No more scribbled phone numbers, email addresses, or hand-written notes that you can’t read anymore. Bitumio keeps all your relevant data crisp, clean, and all in one place.
With a lot of moving parts in any business, Bitumio helps keep you in control of every job in progress and every submitted proposal. Short of laying down asphalt itself, our software will do pretty much everything else.

Start Offering Customer Service That Makes a Difference

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