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Mastering Estimation: Guide to More Accurate Estimates


Get your FREE copy of our Mastering Estimation Guide which details how to accurately calculate all your hard costs including Material, Labor, Equipment, Trucking and more. This is a vital guide to make sure all your estimates are profitable and you are no longer guessing on your margins.

Items in the Guide: 

  • How to Calculate Material Needs for Asphalt, Sealcoat, Crackseal, and more. 
  • How to determine  equipment hourly rates to cover the cost of the machine over its lifespan. 
  • Items to Consider when determining labor rates
  • Calculating Trucking Needs and Costs based on Crew Production Rates
  • More! 

When it comes to under bidding and over bidding, it is extremely important to understand each hard cost so that you can accurately job cost. This gives you a detailed view of whether each hard cost item is consistently under or over bid, not just whether a proposal as a whole was off.


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